What kind of lawyer does my son need, for an issue regarding a professor talking about my sons disibility in front of the entire class which a teacher

Asked on Jan 24th, 2017 on Education Law - New Jersey
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He was a classified student all through grade and high school. he was supposed to make a 45 min presentation and had doctor documentation that he has extreme social anxiety disorder and had emailed her as to his situation. she in turn embarrassed him in front of the entire class by sharing all his information in front of the class, and she is a licensed therapist. He also has adhd and other mental health issues. I find this to be very unprofessional and want to take action her and the school, it is a private school Berkeley College in Paramus Can you please tell me how to go about getting a lawyer. he is so distressed and angry and embarrassed.If you call leave message and i will call you back, i wont pick up if i cant see who it is, thank you,

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