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Looking for an attorney in Douglas County

1 Answers. Asked on Apr 01st, 2017 on Education Law - Colorado
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Have a kiddo on an IEP and having bullying issues with the school not doing what is needed for her safety
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Answered on Apr 14th, 2017 at 11:01 AM

I have handled complex special educations in Douglas County. This area of law is complex, involving state and federal regulations. In addition knowlege, the attorney must be able to guide you throgh the maze of writing and developing an effective ND Appropriate educational plan. I would be happy to talk with you concerning you concerns about your child in Douglas County. Feel free to call me at 303-289=8008.

School's have written policies prohibiting disability discrimination. If either is occurring after you have given notice to the school, you may have the right to sue. However a suit against a public administration requires that you file a notice of intent to sue within 180 days of the incident complained of. A suit against a school district requires experience and a will not to give up. Do not treat this as legal advise about your case, because I do not have sufficient information cancerning your matter.Act quickly. If you need assistance, please feel free to call 303-2890-8008.


This is not intended as full and complete legal advice because you have not provided sufficient details. This response is not intended as and should not be considered a retention. You are encouraged to call Mondays through Saturday, 8 AM until 7PM. Thank you for entrusting this Christan Law Firm. Let God be your fortress and strength.

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Education Law
For many families, their first introduction to the legal system comes as they try to protect and enforce the rights of their children to obtain an education. An education law attorney will have experience with a host of school-related legal issues, including the education rights of special-needs children, freedom of speech issues, anti-bullying and harassment statutes, and student discipline issues. Lawyers and law firms that practice education law will also work with teachers and schools, including colleges and universities.
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