I was dropped from my student teaching assignment at week 8/10. My CI said I "wouldn't make it" in 2 weeks so was not allowed to continue. GPA is 3.7

Asked on Dec 04th, 2017 on Education Law - New York
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I am a graduate student completing my masters in special education. I was told by my supervisor at week 8 that I "wouldn't make it" in the last 2 weeks and was not allowed to continue. I have successfully met 13 of the 15 objectives in the syllabus however will be receiving an Unsatisfactory grade. My first appeal was denied. I am continuing the appeal process. It has been determined that I am allowed to "re-take" the student teaching however I cannot financially afford to do so. My Supervisor's directives were confusing and contradictory at times, her demeanor was harsh making my experience difficult.

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