I want to withdraw my child from Special Education

Asked on Nov 26th, 2017 on Education Law - Connecticut
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I'm moving school districts. Right before I withdrew her she got arrested for threatening in 2nd degree over a snapchat, not to anyone in particular though. She was suspended for 5 days. I withdrew her but the new school won't enroll because apparently the complaint came from a student at that school. They want to place her in a special program at another school. I do not want her to be placed in a special program at all. I'm thinking of withdrawing her from special ed altogether. She hates paraprofessionals hanging over her, won't talk to the counselors and hates being pulled out of class. She is perfectly capable of doing the work in a regular setting as long as she applies herself. We can get a tutor for her otherwise. Right now she is placed in an alternative ed program while we decide what to do. Can I legally refuse special ed?
Answered on Nov 27th, 2017 at 7:08 AM
I believe that you can choose to home school your child and avoid the system altogether.  Have you done all of your research into this avenue yet? Also, did you take care of the criminal charges on your child? That was more concerning than anything else in your question. If you need assistance with the criminal defense issues or with home schooling your child, please contact our firm for more information. 203.870.6700.

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