After medical leave of absence due to mental illness, my grad school is giving me hard time getting back in.What can I do legally,will a lawyer help?

Asked on Sep 01st, 2017 on Education Law - New York
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I am female,brown,disabled,non-heterosexual,Hindu from India with no family in the US, going to a prestigious grad school in NY. I was tricked into believing my leave was mandatory, and was harassed into signing a "request" for a leave of absence for a year due to mental illness (major depressive disorder). Now the school is giving me a hard time getting back in. Classes start on the 5th of September and today is the 1st of September. Would a lawyer be able to help me with getting back into school? I want someone to fight for me, to help me get some sort of closure because I was harassed and tricked into believing the leave was mandatory. I also want to get back into school. I went broke because I could not work in the US for the past year as my visa did not allow it. I was under great psychological stress. I paid money I did not have to go to treatments. Now I am under even more stress because I am being given a hard time to get back in. What should I do?
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Answered on Sep 02nd, 2017 at 2:24 PM
If the leave was for medical/psychological issues, you need to get your therapist to say you are fit to return with no accommodations in a letter.  Without that, it will be hard.  Nothing is going to happen by next week regardless.

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