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You don't say when this happened, but if it was more than 90 days ago and you didn't file a notice of claim against the school district, you can't sue them. But you still need to find out the identity ...Read more

A private school, including a Catholic School, does not need to comply with the same rules that a public school does.  You do not have the same rights as far as notice requirements, or them keepi ...Read more

And?  What happened? Did the police look at the video?  Were criminal charger proffered against you?  What happened?

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So you want to discharge your student loans

A debtor seeking a COURT ORDER that his/her student loans are dischargeable bears the burden of proving that repayment of the loan will impose an undue hardship.  To obtain this court order the d ... Read more

Private School Subsidies and Higher Education Tuition Limits

Recently, the Texas Legislature has been busy hearing and considering bills around issues of the costs of private education for younger students, and the exponentially increasing t ... Read more

Student Loan Defaults Rising, Millions Not Making Payments – See more at: h

The student loan problem obviously isn’t going away anytime soon, as millions of Americans—many with degrees and many without—can attest. While optimism is usually a large part of th ... Read more

Reforms To Education Grading System Proposed (Texas Legislative Issues/News

In early 2017, Texas got its first preview of the new A-F grading system for schools when “test” grades were released. At that time, even with over 200 schools calling for r ... Read more

Texas Legislative Issues/News: School vouchers

In Texas legislative issues/news, according to a Fox TV affiliate in Austin, thousands of parents and students rallied at the state capitol to demand that the Texas Legislature pass a school ... Read more

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