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Supreme Court Extends Special Education Rights Some Oregon parents grew fed up with their local school's failure to help their son with his learning p ... read more
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Autism and Hot Issues
  Autism is a term used to describe a group of developmental disorders It affects millions of Americans, and millions more around the globe Some argue autism is caused by vaccines given to many children, especially in the US. The scientific community - and US courts - disagree People with autism are ... Read more

More Parents Learn About Learning Disabilities
Unless you're talking about a child genius, practically any parent and student will tell you that school is tough. Maybe not all the time and in every subject, but most students have to work hard - from grade school through high school, and often beyond. For thousands of students, school is even more ... Read more

Special Education: School District Must Pay Private School
Supreme Court Extends Special Education Rights Some Oregon parents grew fed up with their local school's failure to help their son with his learning problems. Like many students, he had difficulty paying attention in class and he struggled to complete assignments. But public school officials found he ... Read more

Disciplining an IEP Student
Students may have to be disciplined by schools if they disrupt the educational process. Teachers must make sure that they can manage their classrooms without interference by unruly students. A special problem arises if a disruptive student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). An IEP is a written ... Read more

Do You Need a Special Education Lawyer?
The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) gives you and your child with a learning or certain other disability several rights. For example, it gives: Your child the right to a "free appropriate public education," that is, free education services and resources that are tailored for his specific, special ... Read more

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Audio Recording: Your Right To Record the Special Education IEP Meeting

While the IDEA, the federal laws protecting special education rights, doesn’t specifically mention audio recording, California law does allow audio recording of an IEP.  Each state may have ... Read more

Autism Private Health Insurance Impact on the IEP and ISP

The Autism Private Health Insurance Mandate Reform bill was signed by Governor Brown. The law provides for behavioral treatment services for individuals with autism or pervasive developmental disorder ... Read more

Inappropriate Restraint Ruling

The ninth circuit ruled that an autistic child’s  parents were required to exhaust their administrative remedies prior to bringing various legal claims against a school district for restrai ... Read more

FAPE Standard

In a footnote of a 9th circuit decision, the Court essentially lowered the FAPE standard to such a degree that it allows Districts to lower educational challenges for disabled students enrolled in K-1 ... Read more

School Ultimately Resonsible for Special Education

On March 5, 2010 Mary Hudler, CDE Sped Director confirmed that local educational agencies are ultimately responsible. If a state agency, other than the District, such as Mental Health fails to provide ... Read more

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