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Alabama Laws on School Prayer
In Alabama, each school day begins with a minute of “silent reflection.” Students can also choose to say prayers or give benedictions at school functions. ... READ MORE

Kentucky Laws on School Prayer
Kentucky allows a daily moment of silence in its schools, but it also has kept a law permitting elementary school teachers to lead students in the Lord’s prayer—even though the Supreme Court has said that’s unconstitutional. ... READ MORE

Indiana Laws on School Prayer
Indiana requires a daily moment of silence in public schools for meditation or prayer. ... READ MORE

Maryland Laws on School Prayer
Maryland allows teachers to begin the school day with a brief period of silent mediation, when students and teachers may pray or read scripture. ... READ MORE

New Jersey Laws on School Prayer
New Jersey passed a law allowing a moment of silence in schools, but a federal appeals court ruled that the statute was unconstitutional. ... READ MORE

North Carolina Laws on School Prayer
North Carolina allows its public schools to observe a daily minute of silence, but teachers may not influence students to do anything other than be quiet. ... READ MORE

Tennessee Laws on School Prayer
Tennessee requires a daily minute of silence in its public schools. State law also allows students to initiate and lead prayers at school events. ... READ MORE

State Laws on School Prayer: Moments of Silence and Personal Prayers
Learn about state laws allowing or requiring moments of silence in public schools, as well as other laws recognizing students’ right to pray as part of their freedom of religious expression. ... READ MORE

Massachusetts Laws on School Prayer
Massachusetts requires a daily minute of silence “for personal thoughts” in all of its public schools. ... READ MORE

Michigan Laws on School Prayer
Michigan authorizes local public schools to have a voluntary period of silence for meditation. ... READ MORE


Get a Free Evaluation For Your School Law Case From a Local Attorney

Reforms To Education Grading System Proposed (Texas Legislative Issues/News

In early 2017, Texas got its first preview of the new A-F grading system for schools when “test” grades were released. At that time, even with over 200 schools calling for r ... Read more

Transgender: CH-CH-CH-CH-CHANGES

I recognize that I am sticking my foot in a hornet’s nest by daring to write an article about this subject. Sides have been taken, and both sides are polarized and ready for a legal battle. This ... Read more

Attorney General Opinion Regarding Video Surveillance of Special Education

Under Senate Bill (SB) 507, which was codified as § 29.022 of the Texas Education Code, upon the request of a parent, trustee, or staff member, a district must install one or more video cameras i ... Read more

Reimbursing Employers for Unemployment Compensation – Know your Rights

Do you know whether you are a reimbursing employer for purposes of the Texas Unemployment Compensation Act (TUCA)? It pays to know the difference in light of some changes in the law enacted during the ... Read more

Texas Legislative Issues/News: School vouchers

In Texas legislative issues/news, according to a Fox TV affiliate in Austin, thousands of parents and students rallied at the state capitol to demand that the Texas Legislature pass a school ... Read more

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