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According to the Education and Labor Committee of the US House of Representatives, across the US: About 7,000 students drop out of school every day On ... read more
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What's a "Zero Tolerance" Policy?
Schools across the US have "zero tolerance" policies. You'll find them in elementary schools, high schools and colleges and universities. They're supposed to make the schools safe learning environments by keeping weapons and drugs out of them. As some recent events show, however, perhaps they go too ... Read more

Stopping the School to Prison Pipeline
A kindergartener was handcuffed for throwing a temper tantrum. A student was arrested for throwing an eraser. These are just a couple of examples of an alarming trend in schools across the country of treating childish misbehavior as criminal misconduct. Civil right groups call this the "school to prison ... Read more

Students and Cell Phones? You Make the Call
Literally, cell phones are everywhere. You see them - and maybe even use them - in your car, at restaurants, your child's little league game, maybe even the restroom! The problem, for some at least, is that they're also in schools with our children. The question is, and has been for several years, do ... Read more

Students Use Beta Blockers To Make the Grade
Crib notes and even text messaging may be extinct when it comes to cheating in school. Students have discovered a new and technically legal way to get a "little help" in and out of the classroom. Beta Blockers Some students have discovered the "benefits" of beta blockers. These are prescription drugs ... Read more

Teachers Can Be Bullies, Too
For about nine months out of the year, most children are in school for several hours a day, five days a week. It's a long time, and most parents don't think twice about trusting their child's safety and well-being to school staff, especially teachers. Unfortunately, that trust is sometimes misplaced ... Read more

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FERS & CSRS Disability Retirement: Another test

Peel an orange, and you have the fruit; skin a nut, and the unmasked food is revealed; but how does one get to the essence of a person? Schools do it repetitively; job interviews count on it; securi ... Read more

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Starting the Year with Spirit and Cheer!

In a couple of weeks, throngs of spirited teens will converge upon the University of Texas at Arlington for the University Interscholastic League’s inaugural Texas State Spirit Championship. ... Read more

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