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When Can Schools Search Students and Their Belongings?
Schools have more leeway than police when searching students’ pockets, backpacks, and other belongings, but there are limits. ... Read more

What Is “Reasonable Suspicion” for Searching Students at School?
If a teacher or principal searches your backpack or cellphone without a good reason, the search could be a violation of your privacy rights under the Fourth Amendment. ... Read more

How Do Search-and-Seizure Rules Apply to Students’ Phones and Other Electronic Devices?
Just because teachers can confiscate cell phones or other electronic devices if students violate rules about using them in class, that doesn’t necessarily mean school officials can look at texts, pictures, or other data on the devices. ... Read more

When Can a School Strip Search or Pat Down Students?
Public school officials might violate students’ Fourth Amendment privacy rights by forcing them to strip down during a search or by patting down everyone coming to a school event. ... Read more

Can My School Force Me to Take a Drug Test?
Schools can require students to take drug tests in many circumstances. But sometimes these tests violate students’ Fourth Amendment privacy rights. ... Read more

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Parents’ Access To Ohio Children’s School Records

Who is entitled to their child’s school records? Both parents have the right to access their child’s school records. The schools generally recognize the right of the legal custodian and re ... Read more

Transgender: CH-CH-CH-CH-CHANGES

I recognize that I am sticking my foot in a hornet’s nest by daring to write an article about this subject. Sides have been taken, and both sides are polarized and ready for a legal battle. This ... Read more

Policies and Procedures Related to Cameras in Special Education Classrooms

Texas Senate Bill 507,1 codified as Texas Education Code section 29.022, was enacted to promote student safety by requiring schools to install video cameras in certain special education classrooms.2 S ... Read more

Springtime Emergency Preparedness

It’s springtime and it’s Texas. Bonds are passing and storms are brewing. Minds are turning to the construction of new projects, but you cannot forget that you still need to protect the ol ... Read more

New Overtime Rules Closer to Reality – Or Are They?

On March 14, 2016, the Department of Labor (DOL) forwarded to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) its final changes to proposed revisions to the rules that determine which employees are exempt f ... Read more

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