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What Can Parents Do When Their Children Face School Discipline?
You can take action to protect your child during disciplinary proceedings at school. ... Read more

What Kinds of Behavior Can Lead to Suspension From School?
Depending on where you live, your child could be suspended from school for anything from hurting another student to talking back to teachers. ... Read more

What Are the Local, State, and Federal Rules on School Discipline?
The rules for disciplinary procedures in schools come from many sources. ... Read more

What Kinds of Punishment Can a School Give My Child?
Schools can impose a wide range of discipline for students’ misconduct. ... Read more

What Are Students' Rights in School Disciplinary Proceedings?
Students have some basic constitutional rights when schools accuse them of misconduct. They also have other rights under federal and state laws. ... Read more

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Transgender: CH-CH-CH-CH-CHANGES

I recognize that I am sticking my foot in a hornet’s nest by daring to write an article about this subject. Sides have been taken, and both sides are polarized and ready for a legal battle. This ... Read more

Policies and Procedures Related to Cameras in Special Education Classrooms

Texas Senate Bill 507,1 codified as Texas Education Code section 29.022, was enacted to promote student safety by requiring schools to install video cameras in certain special education classrooms.2 S ... Read more

Springtime Emergency Preparedness

It’s springtime and it’s Texas. Bonds are passing and storms are brewing. Minds are turning to the construction of new projects, but you cannot forget that you still need to protect the ol ... Read more

New Overtime Rules Closer to Reality – Or Are They?

On March 14, 2016, the Department of Labor (DOL) forwarded to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) its final changes to proposed revisions to the rules that determine which employees are exempt f ... Read more

Aides (and Others) are Certified, Too!

TEA’s division of Educator Certification and Standards is aggressively pursuing possible certificate sanctions against superintendents who, for whatever reason, have failed to notify the Agency ... Read more

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