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Diploma Mills Shortchange Everyone
Diploma mills sell counterfeit degrees from real, accredited colleges. Degree mills are similar, but they sell degrees from institutions that don't even exist. The terms are often used interchangeably, but the bottom line is the same. People who have not earned degrees can buy phony ones to get better-paying ... Read more

There Are Many (Legal) Ways to Pay For Your Education
For purposes of paying for school, federal law classifies all college students as either dependent on, or independent of, their parents. An independent student is one who is older than 24, married, or who has dependents. Other qualifications include being in graduate school or a veteran of the U.S. military. ... Read more

No Ifs, Ands or Buts: Hazing Is Illegal
In many college fraternities and sororities, and other organizations, hazing is a rite of passage. However, hazing is against the law. In legal terms, hazing is the abuse a student must endure to gain admittance to an organization. It includes not only physical harm, such as beating or whipping, but ... Read more

The Fundamentals of Online College - and Other - Degrees
The ability to get a college degree online, also called distance learning, can be a great advantage for busy, working students who don't have time to sit in a classroom during regularly scheduled hours. More and more colleges and universities offer online degrees, but not all distance learning institutions ... Read more

Things to Consider When Selecting a College or University
Students who are preparing to apply for college have an overwhelming number of schools to choose from. In addition to academics, students may also consider the differences between public colleges, private for-profit colleges, and private non-profit colleges. For students on a budget, the notable difference ... Read more

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You posted under education, so I am assuming it is a student loan.  The answer to this is no.  In a home mortgage, under limited circumstances, after a divorce the spouse giving up the home ...Read more

The short answer is yes.  The longer answer is no.  You can reject the placement, but the school can fight you on it. 

The School cannot get in trouble, but you need to call a Mental Health Hotline and get help in your area.  It is free, and you are on the path to help as you clearly realize you are not well and ...Read more

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Assisted reproduction has been in the spotlight lately due to the increasing number ofLGBT families conceiving children. Inevitably, some of these couples separate, and the law is grappling with how t ... Read more

All About Relocation With a Minor Child - Uncontested (Part 1)

What steps to take when all parties agree uncontested, court ratified relocation In Florida, where and with whom a child lives following a divorce or dissolution of marriage as it is now termed, is ... Read more

The Executive Ex Pat Agreement: A Checklist of Ex-Pat Specific Possible Terms

Expatriate (Ex Pat) agreements vary from company to company and from location to location, and are often tailored to the circumstances and specific needs of the executive. Below is a checklist of poss ... Read more


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit handed down a favorable decision Tuesday for a Virginia teenager who has taken the fight against transgender discrimination in his high school to federal ... Read more

Timely Tax Tips for Families with Children

It’s that time of year again with tax return deadlines looming this month. For those of you who may be filing as a single parent for the first time and for more experienced filers who could be o ... Read more

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