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What recourse is there when a principal pushes a child into a chair, kicks his leg and forces his head down? Also yelling and intimidating four other

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It is a private, Catholic school. The principal taunts the kids, tries to intimidate them by getting them alone and yelling at them. He is out of control and physically pushed and shoved a boy with five witnesses. He has lied and said he did not touch the child. Where do we go? Police? A state department? Please, help us. Our children are terrified of this man. He is about 6'4 and 300 pounds. He would rather have a child respect him than like him. He thinks he is untouchable because it is a Catholic school.
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Answered on Feb 10th, 2017 at 7:23 AM

If there is an assault like you describe, then the police.  If just yelling, then the bishop or whomever runs the school system in your area.

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Answered on Feb 07th, 2017 at 7:16 PM

While this principal sounds genuinely terrifying, it doesn't sound like he actually put his hands on your kids, so you have no basis for making a police report. Other parents might, and they should discuss it with a local precinct, and make a police report- there is a one year statute of limitations for filing an assault complaint. If you or your kids witnessed any of what you describe, or if your children were intimidated by this man, call up the head of the school and ask for a meeting to discuss your concerns, and demand they take action. If other parents are willing to come with you, that will be more effective. And feel free to secretly tape record the meeting. If the school does nothing, look for a new school. If it were me, I would already be looking for a new school for my kids- what kind of school hires the kind of principal you describe?? 

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