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So, I'm 17 and have missed a lot of school lately. They are now threatening to charge me with truency. I live in CO. Can they do that?

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I'm of the age to drop out. There for can I be charged?
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Answered on Mar 17th, 2017 at 7:30 AM

I am an education attorney. Truancy laws require regular school attendance, unless the child can be proven to be emancipated or for other explanable extraordinary circumstances. You will need to discuss the facts in more detail for a more appropriate response. Call 303-409-702. This is not legal advise, as I do not have sufficient information and you have not retained this office by this response.


Derry Dale Sadler

This is not intended as full and complete legal advice because you have not provided sufficient details. This response is not intended as and should not be considered a retention. You are encouraged to call Mondays through Saturday, 8 AM until 7PM. Thank you for entrusting this Christan Law Firm. Let God be your fortress and strength.

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