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Many Laws Protect Your Children fro...

A wide range of federal laws protect grade school and high school students from various forms of discrimination in public schools. Some of these laws overlap,...Read more

School Discipline and Zero-Toleranc...

Individual school districts usually determine their own procedures for grade school and high school discipline and appeals. Within any given state, rules and ...Read more

New Nutrition Standards for School ...

One-third of all American school children are overweight or obese. These extra pounds stay with children throughout their lives, putting them at higher risk o...Read more

School Law

Students Have Privacy Rights Under the Fourth Amendment

A student's right to privacy at school is a controversial topic since many people believe that the U.S. Constitution prevents school officials from ever searching through a student's personal property. This right isn't as rigid as you may think, and in many cases, public schools don't violate any laws. However, this doesn't mean that public school teachers and other officials have disc... Read More

Special Education Law

Who Pays for Special Education for Your Child?

Children with disabilities that prevent them from making progress in traditional learning environments may need to access special education programs. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the federal government funds special education programs in state public school systems. The services provided with these funds are available to all students, so it's never nece... Read More

College & University Law

Affirmative Action and Discrimination in Secondary Education

Many public and private colleges have implemented affirmative action policies in their student admissions process. Although each college can create its own affirmative action policy, the ultimate goal is to make up for past discrimination toward minority students. This goal is usually accomplished by considering an applicant's race and gender as a favorable admissions factor. Not ... Read More

Additional Education Law Topics

Additional Education Law Topics